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From beginner to master of Generative AI.

Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of Generative AI without the need for programming. For both freshers and professional, this course offers an accessible entry point into the creative realms of AI. Generative AI is transforming industries, and this course is your gateway to understanding and harnessing its power.

Our instructor, Nikhil, is dedicated to demystifying complex concepts, ensuring that everyone—regardless of prior experience—can delve into the wonders of Generative AI effortlessly. Known for his engaging teaching style, Nikhil takes you on a seamless learning experience, making this course ideal for those with busy schedules or limited technical backgrounds.

Upon completion of the course, you will:

  •       » Develop a solid understanding of Generative AI principles
  •       » Gain the confidence to explore creative applications without coding
  •       » Explore a variety of practical projects showcasing the diversity of Generative AI
  •       » Acquire valuable hands-on experience for real-world applications
  •       » Receive a certification as a Generative AI Enthusiast
  •       » Access support for exploring opportunities in the evolving field of Generative AI
  •       » Unlock your creativity and join us on this transformative journey into Generative AI

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Discounted price: ₹ 18000, Original price: ₹ 36000. Join by paying ₹ 2000 only and the rest in instalments.


Please note our syllabus below. Please note that while all the topics given here will be covered in full details, there are some part of our syllabus which is kept hidden and will only be revealed to those who join the course. Just like the recipe of KFC is a well protected secret, so are topics in our syllabus.

Demystifying AI & Machine Learning: Introduction to key concepts like data, algorithms, training, and applications.
Unveiling the Language Masters: LLMs and Transformers: Exploring the architecture and workings of LLMs, using metaphors and visuals.
Unlocking the Power of Language: Superpowers of LLMs - text generation, translation, writing styles, and more.
Hands-on with ChatGPT: Interactive demos and workshops using ChatGPT for creative writing, code generation, and prompts.

From Pixels to Picasso: AI-powered Image and Video Generation: Exploring tools and platforms for creating art, animations, and even videos.
Composing with Machines: Music AI Revolution: Learn how AI is used to generate melodies, soundtracks, and even original musical pieces.
More than Meets the Eye: Exploring 3D Modeling and Beyond: Discover other exciting frontiers of generative AI like product design, fashion, and scientific applications.
Ethical Considerations and Responsible AI: Discussing bias, fairness, and explainability in generative AI development and deployment.

Python Primer: Introduction to basic Python syntax, variables, and operators.
Machine Learning Essentials: Understanding supervised and unsupervised learning, algorithms, and training data.
Peek Behind the Curtain: Exploring Simple Machine Learning Code: Hands-on exercises with basic code related to text classification and recommendation systems.
LLMs through the Code Lens: Demystifying LLM components like tokenization, encoding/decoding, and attention mechanisms through simplified code examples.

AI for Everyone: Creative Applications across Diverse Fields: Showcasing how generative AI can be used in marketing, education, healthcare, and beyond.
Freelancing with AI: From Passion to Paycheck: Exploring career options using generative AI skills in content creation, marketing, and design.
Building Your AI Business: Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Strategies for launching businesses and projects utilizing generative AI technologies.
Landing Your AI Dream Job: Crafting Interview Skills and Portfolios: Tips for presenting your understanding and skills effectively during job interviews.


Our actual course price is ₹ 36000.
For this month, the discount price is
₹ 18000


The total duration is about 1.5 Months, With classes taken: 5 Days a week


You will receive our Certificate, which is internationally accepted & honored by MNCs. Live projects add to your experience as well.

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